Kims Biomedical NGS Research Lab

"Most of the important things in the world have been
accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there
seemed to be no hope at all" By Dale Carnegie

"Aging is not the last chapter in life, but rather an incredibly special time unlike any other." By Arnold J. Toynbee

"What I cannot create, I do not understand" By Richard P. Feynman

We aim at the leading edge group of Ageing research with Methodologic approach

López-Otín, C., Blasco, M. A., Partridge, L., Serrano, M., & Kroemer, G. (2023). Hallmarks of aging: An expanding universe. Cell.

Judith Campisi, Pankaj Kapahi, Gordon J. Lithgow, Simon Melov, John C. Newman & Eric Verdin (2024). From discoveries in ageing research to therapeutics for healthy ageing. Nature.

We are a team that focuses on studying various biological changes associated with aging and the diseases that are based on those changes. Our research on aging will serve as fundamental knowledge in investigating a wide range of age-related phenotypes and diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, among other geriatric disorders and cancers.


Next Generation Sequencing and Biomedical Data Analysis


DNA (WGS, WXS, Target, GWAS), RNA (Microarray, Bulk RNA-seq and scRNA-seq), Epigenomes (ATAC, ChIP, Hi-C)

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What we do

Total Omics Data Analysis

Single cell NGS seq analysis

scRNA-seq, scATAC-seq, Spatial Transcriptome

Bulk NGS seq analysis

Public genomic data and NGS data

NGS pipelines

Best practice with ATAC and Epigenome seq

Data analysis

Biomedical Big data analysis and Visualization