Collaboration Groups

Havard Medical School (Prof. Shin)

We are actively conducting research in collaboration with the Harvard research team on Spatial Transcriptome and miRNA-seq with iPSCs.

Johns Hopkins Medical School (Prof. Kang)

We are conducting extensive single-cell analysis focusing on aging-related factors, including Alzheimer's disease.

Seoul National University Medical school (Prof. Kim)

We are conducting a research study utilizing publicly available data on head and neck cancer, as well as single-cell RNA-seq data.

Seoul National University Dental Hospital (Prof. Cho)

We are actively presenting the latest research findings on the correlation between dental bone aging and clinical symptoms, utilizing statistical methodologies.

Soon Chun Hyang University Medical Center (Prof. Choi)

We are conducting a research project that aims to uncover ground-breaking insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying the metastatic gastric cancer.

Korea University Medical Center

We are conducting a research project that aims to identify transcriptomic differences in peritoneal cancer treatment outcomes.

Catholic University (Prof. Nam & Prof. Yoon)

We are conducting research using a mouse organoid model to identify neoantigens in various cancers and investigate the development of cancer vaccines.

Chungbuk University Medical Center (Prof. Kim)

We are conducting research for unraveling molecular insights of pure and mixed-type lung adenocarcinomas using a multi-omics patient samples.